Frequently Asked Questions...

What is BreezyBiz?

At BreezyBiz, we have one simple goal - to make tax time cheap and easy.

We know first-hand that meeting your compliance obligations takes a lot of time. That's time that you could be spending doing other things.

We recognise the role a trusted adviser can play in working to help people achieve their long-term financial goals. But we also understand that sometimes all you want is to make sure you comply with the law and get on with what you do. And preferably as cost-effectively as possible.

That's why we do everything online. No meetings, no paperwork, no stress.

We use cloud-based accounting software so that we have your data as soon as its entered.

We use processes and systems that allow you to answer queries and sign documents from your computer or mobile device.

We use outside contractors to do the data entry and preparation, which is then given a thorough review by one of our CAs or CPAs.

You can have the utmost confidence that we know what we're doing. BreezyBiz is backed by a firm of Chartered Accountants and CPAs with more than 30 years' experience advising Australian businesses. We have the processes to help you meet your tax obligations as simply and cost-effectively as possible, and we have the experience and expertise to ensure that the result is reliable and fulfils your compliance requirements under Australian tax law.

Easy breezy.

How do you do it?

There are only two things we do that allow us to cut your accounting bills.

  • We do everything online
    This means our overheads are a lot lower than a traditional accounting firm. We don’t have to pay for receptionists or boardrooms, and you don't have to pay us for phone calls and meeting times. Our entire focus is on turning your accounts and tax returns around as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
  • We use a team of outside contractors to do the initial data entry and bookkeeping
    Believe it or not, this is not all that different from what happens in a traditional accounting firm. More and more bricks-and-mortar accounting firms are using outside contractors to do their processing work. It will be the case that eventually almost all firms will. If you're seeing an accountant in a reasonable-sized accounting firm right now, chances are they are doing this very same thing themselves. They just may not be passing on the savings to you.

    Just like a regular accounting firm, we take that initial component of the job (which is usually the bulk of the time) and have a team of contractors do it for us. They're qualified accountants trained in the Australian tax system, and the work that they do is limited to data-entry and compilation.

    We then have one of our own Chartered Accountants or CPAs perform a thorough review of the work, pick up any issues that might arise and finalise the job for you - just like any other Australian accounting firm. When we're totally satisfied with the quality of the work, we'll send it to you electronically for signing. In most cases you can sign your returns electronically using your touchscreen device.

    We'll also notify you of any potential problems we may find or matters that need to be looked at further.

    Finally, we lodge your return(s) for you, on time, and without using any paper.

Is the quality of your work up to scratch?

We couldn't do it if it wasn't. Australian accountants are governed by all sorts of legislation and professional standards. This includes the Tax Agent Services Act (2009) which requires us to take the utmost responsibility for the quality of our work and the security of your data. We are a registered Tax Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board and a Practice Entity with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

What about your contractors? Isn't that a bit risky?

Chances are, if you're currently seeing an accountant in a reasonable-sized firm in Australia, they are already either using or considering the use of contractors for data entry. It's just that you may not be seeing all of the savings.

The accounting profession in Australia today is changing. More and more accounting firms are finding that the more basic parts of completing an annual compliance job - the data-entry and processing - can be performed by outside contractors for a much lower rate. The quality of the work is the same (and often better), but the client isn't paying as much for someone to input information.

It's a requirement of Australian law and our Professional Standards bodies that we continue to take responsibility for the final result, which means the most critical aspects of the job are still performed by local senior accountants. One of our qualified CAs or CPAs reviews the work, makes sure there aren't any problems and where necessary, gives you the best possible advice in relation to your tax affairs.

Our team of contractors are tertiary qualified and trained in the Australian tax and accounting system. What's more, no data is sent outside of our servers here in Australia. Instead, our contractors login to our servers, use our software, and have no means of transferring data outside of that environment.

In the 21st Century it makes very little difference whether someone logs in from a desk across the office or across the world, with one exception - it costs you less.

What about the cloud? Is it safe?

Data held on premises is exposed to all kinds of risks. Data stored in the cloud is subject to the highest level of backup and security.

It's true that sites can be hacked and passwords cracked. But likewise, buildings can be broken into and people can leave information on desks or in briefcases that can go missing. It can also be the case that people without the necessary IT expertise are responsible for on-site data security and backup routines.

There are always risks with data. The cloud eliminates far more of the likely risks to your data and ensures that your information is as safe as it's possible to be.

Can I meet with someone?

To keep things easy Breezy, we've automated everything. That means that we can't meet with you for a consultation. It's not that we don't like you, it's just not what we do (and there are already many accountants who do). The up-side for you is that you're not paying for board-rooms, magazines and coffee.

BreezyBiz is a different way of doing accounting - one that we hope will be a lot simpler and more cost-effective for those who don't need anything more.

Real people do your work at every stage of the journey, and you will receive real correspondence and real advice where it's required.

We know that this may not be for everyone. But we also know from our own experience that traditional accountants are not for everyone either, especially if you just want to get on with business and meet your compliance obligations with a minimum of fuss.

If your affairs get more complicated, you may need a personal adviser. We believe passionately in the role a person like that can play. Most of our accountants perform exactly that role in other capacities. But this also costs a lot more and that often means that people who don't need or want that kind of service subsidise those who do. BreezyBiz gives you a simple and cost-effective way of satisfying your annual tax requirements.

If you'd like to take things to the next level, please contact us and we can refer you to someone who can help.

What does 'review' mean?

First, what a review isn't. We don't review your data for reliability, integrity or fraud, and are not required to by law. A review is not an audit. We can't give any assurance as to the accuracy of the data that you provide. We simply work from what we get, and whatever the state of the data, that will determine the final result. This is standard industry practice and will usually be spelled out in the terms of your engagement. An audit is a separate process that seeks to provide an opinion as to the reliability of financial systems and reports.

So what do we mean when we say 'review'? Most accounting firms will review a job before it goes out for signing. Basically, it means that a second person (usually more senior, like a partner or manager) will run over the work to make sure that everything checks out and that there are no obvious inconsistencies, and then pull it together in its final form. They will also do any necessary tax planning and help to resolve any potential issues. It's not a redo of the job, but it's not a simple flyover either. The reviewer is the manager responsible for the work. To keep costs down however, the reviewer is not usually the person who does the data entry and processing. This is the way all accounting firms manage tax work, and because we're just like any other firm except that we're online, we do it too. It gives you peace of mind that your work is being prepared to the highest possible standard.

Of course, if we do find any problems in the course of our work, we'll be sure to let you know.

For superannuation funds, it is a requirement that your completed accounts are audited before the tax returns are lodged. We offer an audit service from a third party as an add-on for our super fund work, which we pass on at our cost. However the trustees of the fund are under no obligation to take up that offer. If you choose to get your work audited by someone else, we will need to see a signed copy of an unqualified (meaning, there are no compliance issues) audit report before we can lodge your returns.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. You may find other discounted super fund services online, but these are usually offered by firms that also provide financial advice. In many cases, what they lose on the accounting work they make up through commissions, investment management fees and brokerage.

BreezyBiz is a tax and accounting service only. We prepare your financial statements and lodge your tax return and that's it. If you choose to, we will also arrange an independent audit for you and pass that on at our cost.

No strings, no hidden fees, and importantly no requirements or restrictions on how you invest your money. We just help you meet your compliance requirements.

How do we do it?

What are your payment terms?

A good business relationship is about give and take. To keep everything easy Breezy, we have strict payment terms. Ultimately this is so that the cost to you stays as low as possible.

Once you've selected a package and provided us with the information we need, we'll ask you for 25% of your total fee up front.

Most of the time when you order something online, payment is required in full at the time of purchase. We only ask for 25% so that you have the opportunity to see how we work and assess the final result.

Our team will start work on your data within 24 hours of receiving the information we need.

We aim to have your work ready within 14 days of getting access to your information, providing you answer any queries within the specified time, and that no other complications arise.

Once we've completed the job, we'll then invoice you for the remaining 75%. We will hold your returns until we receive final payment, even if this means you miss your lodgement deadline. This may then mean you incur penalties. It's therefore in your best interests to make payment within our specified terms.

How do I choose the right package for me?

Accounting can be complicated, and every single job is different. We’ve tried to make things easy for you by offering three different package levels. That way you know exactly what you’re paying for, without any surprises. In a bricks-and-mortar accounting practice, you would usually be given a quote once the accountant has had the opportunity to scope the amount of work involved. But because BreezyBiz is online, we let you choose up-front the package that you think is right for you.

We’ve tried to give you some guidance on making the right choice, but those guidelines are fairly broad. In practice it’s possible that you may choose a level that is inappropriate for your situation. Perhaps there are more transactions than you have estimated, or maybe your records are in a condition that would require some reconstruction work. So what happens if you choose the wrong package? If we review your information and determine that the package you have selected is inappropriate and will require upgrading, we will contact you to advise you and to arrange an additional payment. You may at this point, or at any time before, decide that you do not wish to proceed. If you choose not to proceed, we will issue you with a full refund of any payment made.

The engagement does not commence until both you and we have accepted the terms of the engagement and have agreed upon the final price. You can help to avoid complications and delays though by doing your best to choose the right level based on the information you do have.

What happens if you find a compliance problem with my SMSF?

Our pricing assumes that your fund has adhered to the very strict rules applicable to SMSF compliance. As a trustee of an SMSF, you are required by law to understand your responsibilities with respect to your fund, so we assume that you are aware of the things you can and can't do and that you have managed to avoid doing anything that might jeopardise the concessional status of your SMSF.

Even so, sometimes problems inadvertently arise. Some compliance issues can be fixed. If we discover that there has been a breach during the year, you must rectify it or face significant extra tax and penalties. Where possible, we can do it for you, however you are not obligated to have us do so.

Fixing a compliance problem can be time-consuming, and as such will incur additional charges. We cannot provide an add-on for rectifying a compliance breach because every fund and every issue is different, and involves a varied amount of work.

If we find a compliance issue that we can fix, we will notify you, detailing the nature of the problem, our proposal for resolution and a quote to fix the problem. You may accept this quote or decide that you do not wish to proceed with any further work. If you accept, we will require payment in full before we proceed with the resolution. If you decide you would not like us to continue, you must advise us in writing. We will then cancel your package and cease work, however you will forfeit your deposit. This reflects the fact that we would have already undertaken considerable work to get to the point where we have discovered a breach.

If we find a compliance problem that we cannot fix, we will cancel the engagement. Once again, in this situation you will forfeit your initial deposit as payment for the work already undertaken to this point.

Can I send you paper copies of my records?

Unfortunately we can only accept electronic copies of your documents. As accountants we are often asked by clients what they can do to reduce their accounting bill. Having good records, and supplying them in a usable form, is one of the answers to that question, and because BreezyBiz is online only, the best way for us to finish your work as soon as possible, in the most cost-effective way, is to communicate electronically. We understand that it does require more work on your part, but it is a task that you do rather than us, which means that we’re able to keep the cost down for you.

The easiest way to make electronic copies of your records is to scan them. In most cases you can also download CSVs and PDFs for accounts and investments from your financial institution. If you don’t have access to a scanner, we can usually work with photos of documents, taken with your phone or tablet. Please just make sure that you check the quality of the images before sending them. Good light and a steady hand will help to make sure they are readable. If we can’t read them we may have to ask you to try again, and that may slow down the progress of your work.

What's the Make a Payment link for?

From time-to-time we might require you to make a payment in addition to the cost of buying a package. For example, if we find there is a compliance issue with your super fund, we will need to charge you to fix it. Any time we require an additional payment for something, you can use the 'Make a Payment' area.

You will also use 'Make a Payment' to pay the balance of your engagement (we only ask for 25% up-front) when the job is completed.

Why do I have to pay to ask you a question?

Just like a factory producing widgets, time is our product. In order to provide the most cost-effective compliance solution to you, we strip away all the extras so you don't pay for anything you don't need. But we'd quickly go out of business if we gave too much of our product away. We're happy to answer quick questions for you any time at no charge. But where you need more specific or complicated advice about your affairs, that's where we need to do some more work. So when you need more of what we sell, we hope that you're happy to pay for it and will see the value. And the trade-off is that if you don't need that kind of service, you won't have to pay for it because it's not already built into the price of our packages.

How do I sign my documents?

For ease of use and security, we use DocuSign as our trusted delivery method for signing documents. This means that you will sign your documents electronically, using your mobile device or computer. DocuSign is used by some of the world's largest corporations, including Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank in Australia, and is 100% legally compliant for the purposes of authorising your documents. What's more, it's safer than the traditional accountant method of printing documents, especially if these are sent in the mail.

This might sound complicated, but it couldn't be easier. When we have completed your work, you will receive an email from DocuSign notifying you that your documents are ready for signing. The email will contain a link, which you need to click on. This will take you to a web page where you will be asked for a second layer of authentication (usually a code sent to your mobile phone). Once you've logged in, your documents will be sitting there waiting for you to review, marked in every place you need to sign. You can either add a signature or sign your own. That's it! You can even use an app to sign if you have the right device. For more information on how to sign documents in DocuSign, please read How do I sign a DocuSign document.

How does the Questionnaire work?

Once you have selected your package and consented to the engagement, we'll then ask you to complete an online questionnaire. This is how we gather the information we'll need to complete your work. It may take some time for you to complete, and will usually involve uploading some documentation.

We understand that you may not have everything you need right away. The questionnaire may be something you need to return to a few times before it is complete. You can save the questionnaire as a work in progress and return to it as many times as you like by clicking 'Save for Later' or 'Update' every time you have added some information to it. To return to the questionnaire again, login to the BreezyBiz portal, click on the 'Jobs' menu, find your job, and click on the 'Questionnaire' button. You can then just pick up where you left off.

To finalise the questionnaire, click on the 'Submit' button. Once your questionnaire is submitted, you can no longer edit it. This is so that the goalposts don't keep moving for us. Once it is finalised, we will use the information in it to get started, so we want to be sure that we don't miss any amendments you might make. If you find that you have submitted your questionnaire too early or have made a mistake, don't worry too much. We can sort it out later, and you are welcome to contact us at any time to make any changes. The questionnaire is really just an initial information gathering process of standard items that we would usually ask for, but we will always query anything that is missing or unclear.