The BreezyBiz No Gimmick Guarantee

We want to talk a little about service guarantees.

In our profession, it's very easy to offer a money-back guarantee. That's because a service isn't usually something you can see and touch. If you're dissatisfied, how can you actually prove that it's because of a fault that lies exclusively with the product? In the absence of outright fraud or gross negligence, you usually can't. When push comes to shove, you'll usually be offered a list of reasons as to why you haven't met your end of the agreement.

That's why service guarantees often appear too good to be true. They usually are.
Here's the thing: BreezyBiz is an Australian Accounting practice and a Registered Tax Agent. Accounting firms in Australia are governed by a number of tough regulations and codes. In particular, they are bound by the Tax Agent Services Act. Oversight for this Act is provided by the Tax Practitioners Board who ensure that Tax Agents meet very strict minimum service obligations set out in a Code of Professional Conduct. Failure to comply with these standards means that we can be reported and barred from doing what we do. BreezyBiz is also a registered Practice Entity with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.
All of our Australian review team are qualified accountants, either Chartered Accountants or CPAs, with many combined years of working with businesses in private practice. As members of the two premier accounting bodies in Australia, they too are bound by personal professional standards and must meet minimum training requirements on an annual basis.

Finally, BreezyBiz is backed by a real bricks-and-mortar practice that has been working with businesses in Australia for more than 30 years, providing tax services and creative business advice. This means that we're not merely technically bound by certain standards - we have a track record of successfully complying with them. Plus, that experience means we know what we're doing.

So, there are minimum standards of service that we have to deliver, under Australian Law and our Professional body Codes of Conduct. We aim to exceed those.

BreezyBiz is a different way of doing business accounting for you. It's simpler and costs less. For us though, it's business as usual.
Here's our simple guarantee: You can have full confidence that the result we deliver is of the highest possible standard given the data we receive, backed by thorough documentation and working papers, and that we will lodge your returns on time as long as you work within the timeframes we request. If we miss a deadline because of something we have done, you get your money back.
One more thing to note: Although this is a no gimmick guarantee, there is one small piece of fine print. We've put it in regular print here though so that you don't miss it. Preparing your financial statements and lodging your income tax returns is basically a collation and summarising process. We take the data that you give us, try to make sure everything reconciles and help you to meet your tax obligations.

But it's not an audit. We are completely dependent on the quality of data we receive. As such, no assurance as to the accuracy of the final result can be expressed. For this reason, you can't rely on what we produce to disclose any irregularities, including fraud and other illegal acts. We also can't be held responsible for mistakes that have been made by a bookkeeper or someone else entering data other than our own team. We will, however, inform you of any matters if they do come to our attention.

For superannuation funds, it is a requirement that your completed accounts are audited before the tax returns are lodged. We offer an audit service from a third party as an add-on for our super fund work, which we pass on at our cost. However the trustees of the fund are under no obligation to take up that offer. If you choose to get your work audited by someone else, we will need to see a signed copy of an unqualified (meaning, there are no compliance issues) audit report before we can lodge your returns.